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Girls Volleyball


REGISTER Season 24/25 GIRLS Tryout Information: Girls 12U – born after July 1st 2012 Tryout date: July 20th Location: Dee Park Address: 9229 W Emerson St, ...

Why Choose BVA Lions for Your Child's Volleyball Journey

Building a Strong Foundation in Volleyball

Premier volleyball program for boys and girls 16 & under, focusing on developing strong fundamentals and a love for the game. 

BVA Lions is a small volleyball club that offers individual attention to each player, allowing for a more tailored approach to volleyball training and development.

Girls Volleyball
Boys Volleyball
We Are Hiring Coaches
If you are passionate about the sport, eager to make a difference, and ready to step into a rewarding role, we would love to hear from you.

Unique Methodology for Comprehensive Skill Development

Our unique methodology blends the best of North American, South American, and European volleyball styles to help players develop a well-rounded skill set and a love for the game. We prioritize player improvement throughout the season, helping each athlete reach their full potential on the court.

Maximize Your Talent

Join BVA's Elite Volleyball Training Program in Des Plaines, IL Area

We are dedicated to providing high-quality training and equal development opportunities to young athletes of all backgrounds.

As a small volleyball club with limited spots, we are trying to attract talented young athletes and offer them well-organized training processes in a competitive environment. 

At BVA Lions, we prioritize player improvement and competition for positions during practice Therefore, coaches do not guarantee play time in tournaments.

Teams 23/24 Season

Girls Program

BVA Lions 13U Sky
Girls 13U
born after July 1st 2010
Girls 12U
Girls 12U
born after July 1st 2010

Boys Program

12U Champs
Boys 12U
Born after July 1st 2011
13U Boys
Boys 13U National
Born after July 1st 2010
14U Elite team
Boys 14U Elite
Born after July 1st 2009
Boys 14U Aspire
Born after July 1st 2009
Boys 16U
Born after July 1st 2007

What to expect from our volleyball training program

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