10 Best Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball is a sport that demands a lot from shoes and is the reason why any old pair you have lying around isn’t going to cut it. The difference between a good and bad pair of volleyball shoes comes down to a lot more than you think.

We have compiled a list of quality volleyball shoes

What to Look For in Volleyball Shoes


Good volleyball shoes are essential to have a good grip on court, which can prevent you from slipping and sliding. A shoe’s traction will also help avoid injury if it has excellent soles that stick well in all directions


Not only will a lightweight shoe help you jump more quickly, but it will also prevent your feet from feeling fatigued.


All players need a shoe with good cushioning, which will prevent foot and leg fatigue. A well-cushioned shoe also helps you avoid injuries during intense activities such as volleyball play.


Do you know-how in a lot of sports, the right shoes can make all the difference? Well, that’s true for volleyball too! As one would expect from its fast-paced nature and quick accelerations. But what might not be expected is just how much stability you’ll get out of your shoe – or lack thereof if it doesn’t fit properly (or at all). For good support, go with something snug but also wide enough, so there isn’t any pain when walking around on hardwood floors after playing some games too long without stopping to take off those oldies.


Many volleyball shoes have breathable mesh uppers, so your feet don’t get hot and sweaty as you play. This is an excellent feature because it helps avoid painful blisters while also promoting comfort for an enjoyable game of volleyball!

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