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Locations in Des Plaines & Niles, Illinois

Girls Volleyball Teams

BVA Lions 13U Sky
Girls 13U
born after July 1st 2010
Girls 12U
Girls 12U
born after July 1st 2010

Boys Volleyball Teams

12U Champs
Boys 12U
Born after July 1st 2011
13U Boys
Boys 13U National
Born after July 1st 2010
14U Elite team
Boys 14U Elite
Born after July 1st 2009
Boys 14U Aspire
Born after July 1st 2009
Boys 16U
Born after July 1st 2007

BVA Lions

At our volleyball club, we are dedicated to fostering a love and passion for the sport of volleyball among youth players. Our mission is to provide high-quality training and playing experiences that promote growth, development, and sportsmanship in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to instill a sense of teamwork, commitment, and discipline in all of our players to help them reach their full potential both on and off the court.


Players from Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Mount Prospect and surrounding areas choose our club volleyball program because we prioritize small group sizes. 
Our experienced coaches work closely with each player to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential on the court. We believe that a strong foundation in the basics of volleyball is essential for success at all levels

Little Bulgaria Center

832 Lee str, Des Plaines, IL

Dee Park

9229 W Emerson St, Des Plaines, IL

Golf Maine Park District

8800 Kathy ln, Niles, IL

Coaches & Staff

BVA’s coaches are certified via the USAV CAP program. This continual, progressive format is built on the most current information available for volleyball skills development, tactical systems, and physical training.

Any player who enters a volleyball program has the right to expect quality coaching and instruction. 

Boyan Petev
Boyan Petev
Boys 14U
BVA Mascot
Simeon Mladenov
Girls 12U
Stoyan Slavov
Stoyan Slavov
Velina Minkova
Velina Minkova
Girls 16U
BVA Mascot
Nikolay Petrov
Boys 16U
BVA Mascot
David Stalev
Boys 13U
BVA Mascot
Burcin Asilturk
Girls 16U
BVA Mascot
Anton Paskalev
Conditioning Coach
Ryan Rickspoon-2
Ryan Rickspoon
Volunteer Assistant Coach

2022 - 2023 Club Season Information

Girls 12U 

Season starts 8/15/22 ends 5/18/23 

Outdoor practices (conditioning) start 8/15/22 to 9/2/22 – 3 times per week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6 PM – 7.30 PM.

Indoor practices are 3 times a week, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6 PM – 7.30 PM starting 9/8/22 to 5/18/23

Total price: $2500 (10 payments of $250). 30% off for 2nd child in the program. 


Girls 16U 

Season starts 10/24/22 ends 6/11/23  

Indoor practices from 10/24/22 to 2/26/23 are 2 time pre-week: Tuesday 7.30 PM – 9.00 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 12 PM, after 2/25/23 the schedule will be Wednesday 6.30 PM – 9.00 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 12 PM

Total price: TBD 30% off for 2nd child in the program.

Boys 13U 

Season starts 8/15/22 and ends 5/18/23 

Outdoor practices (conditioning) from 8/15/22 to 9/2/22 : 3 times per week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6.00 PM to 7.30 PM. indoor season starts 8/15/22 and ends 5/18/23 – indoor practices are 2 times a week Monday – Thursday 6 PM – 7.30 PM, there will be Saturday practices once or twice per month – positional training. 

Total price: $2500 (10 payments of $250). 30% off for 2nd child in the program.

Boys 14U

Season starts 8/15/22 and ends 6/14/23 

Outdoor practices (conditioning) from 8/15/22 to 9/2/22 : 3 times per week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6.00 PM to 7.30 PM. indoor season starts 9/ ends 5/18/23 – indoor practices are 3 times a week Monday – Thursday 7.30 PM – 9.00 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 11 AM

Total price: $3135 ( 11 payments of $285) 30% off for 2nd child in the program. 


Season starts 8/15/22 and ends 2/25/23 

outdoor practices (conditioning) from 8/15/22 to 9/2/22 : 3 times per week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6.00 PM to 7.30 PM. indoor practices are 2 times a week starting 9/7/22 Wednesday 6.30 PM – 9.00 PM, Saturday 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM 

Total price: $2100 (7 payments of $300). 30% off for 2nd child in the program.

*Options will be assessed as playing conditions change and/or competition restrictions are imposed by IDHP, CDC, USAV, or any other governing agencies.

**Competition and/or tournament dates will be provided but are subject to changes due to event rescheduling or cancellations, as well as IDPH, IL, and/or IHSA restrictions, among others.

USAV Membership

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive another email from SPORTSENGINE requesting you accept CLUB ASSIGNMENT. This is very important as this will link your athlete to Bulgarian Volleyball Academy. Please accept this “assignment” per the email instructions as soon as possible. 


Club Volleyball - Frequently Asked Question

Club season usually begins in early October with team tryouts and typically lasts until late May or early June. If a
team qualifies for a National Championship tournament, these take place in either late June or early July.

Club season starts with tryouts in September for athletes 4th through 8th grade followed by high school tryouts
in October and the start of and practices in November. The bulk of the tournament season runs January through
April or May for the younger teams. Most older teams will either qualify for Junior National Championships or
attend another end-of-season tournament such as Navy Pier Junior Nationals or AAU Nationals and their season
will end in late June/early July.

Teams will practice two to three times per week depending on age group and depending on tournament and
travel schedules.

Athletes will participate in strength and agility training before the official start of the indoor season.

Practices will take place at various athletic venues in the Des Plaines area.

These will
take place weekday evenings, typically between 6pm and 9pm. Also Saturdays between 11AM to 3PM.

We may also be arranging for some local
scrimmages with neighboring clubs from time to time.

Teams will play an average of four tournaments per season in accordance to their skill level and age level. Most
local tournaments will be within a 30-90 minute driving distance of our practice locations.

Most tournaments
take place on Saturdays and/or Sundays and will run for most of the day

Club dues for the upcoming season vary by team. Fees are posted as soon as available. Each athlete’s club dues
cover costs associated with their USA Volleyball membership, tournament entry fees, gym rental fees, coaching
stipends, strength and conditioning program, administrative expenses, and team equipment.

Fees associated with
travel (i.e. lodging, transportation, meals, etc) are not included.

Tournament fees are covered by BVA.

Most volleyball clubs will not offer any guarantee of playing time to any athlete. At BVA - Lions, our purpose is to
compete and be successful at the highest levels locally and nationally while each athlete is growing individually
and with their team.

Our coaches will do their best to get all team members on the court to get valuable
competitive experience, but ultimately our coaches’ priority at tournaments is making decisions that are in the
best interest of the team as a whole and its success. Playing time is determined by many factors, including overall
skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches and teammates, hustle, and match dynamics.

Our coaches
will also utilize practice and match statistics to help make playing time decisions. All athletes will have equal
opportunity to play, compete, learn, and improve during all practice sessions, assuming their attendance at
practices and their effort given is consistent.

The number of players on the official team roster is determined by the coaching staff of each team and is typically between 10-12 players.

Rosters with 12 athletes may at times allow for better training opportunities during
practice sessions as it allows our teams to play 6 on 6 volleyball to best prepare for competition.

Athletes grow and improve at different rates and on their own time. If your athlete does not make a team this year, it doesn’t mean she cannot try out again the following year.

Fortunately, your athlete can continue playing for BVA's year-round in-house league as she continues developing her skills. 

Yes. This is determined primarily by the athlete’s skill level as well as the overall needs of any given team. If
approached by the club coach recommending the athlete play up an age group, the athlete and her family will make the final decision if it is the best fit for them.

Please note that additional costs may be associated with playing in a different age group and/or program.

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