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Broker and Local Expert

Gergana Todorova is an experienced and dedicated real estate agent. If you just give her a moment of your time to speak with her, you will agree that she can be your trusted Real Estate Broker. She will help you every step of the way, by finding, communicating, and negotiating with your seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant, hassle-free for you.

Gergana is determined to protect all her clients’ interests by being able to understand the different “wants and needs” of each one of them. She will do everything possible to help them succeed. She is also a Certified Negotiation Expert, which is statistically the number one quality that every consumer is looking in a Realtor.

After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business, from a small Eastern European country, called Bulgaria, back in 2000, Gergana decided to move to the United States to live the “American Dream”. Her dedication to succeed has driven her to study more and pursue an Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice, which eventually helped her in better understanding the different customs and cultures that are present in this country, which in most cases is a necessity in order to be successful in the Real Estate world.

Today, Gergana lives in the Chicago-Northwestern Suburban area with her husband and their three children. Her proficiency in Bulgarian (fluent), and in Russian (satisfactory level), can also help her clients.

Living in the era of economic challenges, and having a family of her own, she perfectly understands what it takes to overcome some of the life obstacles, day after day.

Let her do the job for you. And you enjoy life.

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